The News Spy Website: A System Of Quality, Safety, & Precision
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The News Spy Website: A System Of Quality, Safety, & Precision

Like any innovation with a promise to change the conventional concepts, Bitcoin was also met with high skepticism. Yet, it proved to be efficient, and thus, this has led to the emergence of new coins. Since these currencies have become popular among traders and investors, people have started to look for the platforms where they can trade and earn money with cryptos, and News Spy is one of the platforms for starting to earn money online, and the best about it is that you don’t need to be an experienced trader to trade with these coins.

Advantage and disadvantages of the News Spy trading platform

The best about this platform is its simplicity in use, so you just register and start trading without a need to be an expert in cryptos. Still, before you indulge in trading on this site, you better have a look at its strong and weak aspects.


  • quick registration and verification
  • faster payouts
  • high performance
  • transparency
  • language options
  • unique software


  • no mobile app
  • few available coins

A look at how News Spy works

News Spy is a trading platform offering its services of unique system and software. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional or amateur trader, you’ll find everything you need to start trading. This is possible because this automated trading system offers software that has integrated algorithms along with AI assessing the market and its tendencies in-depth. This, in turn, allows the trading bots to respond to the changes and fluctuations in the prices of coins. Coins are sold for higher prices and acquired for a lower price, CFD trading.

After you set the required trading rules based on the optimal trading strategy with all features required to minimize losses, the system will perform trading on your behalf. Your involvement in trading will be minimized so that you don’t need to spend lots of time sitting in front of computers and track the process. So, with this platform, you’ll get the maximum convenience.

Start your crypto trading on News Spy

Thanks to News Spy software, you have higher chances of earning money, even with the first trading session. If you’re planning to stay on this platform a bit longer, why not consider registration that won’t take more than half an hour including a verification of your account.

  • Registration: you’ll fill an application form on the homepage and wait until you receive a verification email. Once you verify your account, the process can be considered complete, so you may continue with creating a reliable password.
  • Deposit: to access the brokerage platforms of the site, you’ll have to make the first deposit. The minimum requirement is $250. The site accepts credit and debit cards along with popular e-wallets. You may opt for a banking transfer as an option of payment.
  • Demo account: if you’re not sure to start trading with real money, you can opt for a testing system virtually, and thus, there are no risks involved. With this option, you can test the system for free and gain useful insights into trading process.
  • Trading: once your deposit is approved, you may start automated trading. However, if you’re a professional trader, you may choose a manual trading option. For now, you can find coins like BTC, ETH, XRP, BAT, Litecoin, etc.

Benefits of using News Spy software

Why News Spy? There are many reasons why it’s better than other platforms. Thanks to its software that ensures you’ll earn every day, you won’t get disappointed with the results. So, according to the site, with an investment of $250, you can gain up to $1000 per day. Besides, there are some great benefits to have a look at:

  • Free app: one of the most appealing aspects of this platform is that you won’t be dealing with unknown or unclear costs, as the site’s app is for free. The only fees are applied to your profits, so the rest is for free.
  • Higher levels of accuracy: despite being quite risky practice, trading with cryptos is profitable on this site, as its accuracy of more than 99% makes it possible to earn from each trading session.
  • VPS Support: with Virtual Private Server, the site constantly produces trading signals to make optimal conditions for trading with cryptos. This feature is available 24/7. So, this allows your bots to trade when you’re dealing with other stuff.
  • Trading Criteria Tester: if you’re not sure about the trading strategies, you may test them to see them in practice. This feature allows you to modify and improve the strategy making your trading more profitable.
  • Safety: the site ensures the complete safety of the system with its latest technologies and cloud-based system. Also, the site employs software tools to ensure complete security from cyber-attacks.

Top features of News Spy

Convenience, high performance, and safety along with optimal trading solutions are great benefits you’ll get from this platform. However, you’re not limited only to these, as there are some other great features:

  • Fast withdrawals: an automated trading system of News Spy makes it possible to cash out your money within one day.
  • Customer support: a support team is always online to help you with any issue and to contact this team, you need to visit a help desk page.
  • Compatibility: since the site doesn’t offer mobile apps, you can trade on the go with a mobile version of the site that is compatible with mobile operating systems.
  • Language options: besides English, on News Spy, you can choose languages like Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, and so on.


Daily profits with low investment are what you can expect from News Spy. What’s more, you’ll get the top-notch service along with pinpoint accuracy of the platform’s unique software. If you have $250, you know that here you can multiply your asset.

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