What is toomine.net and how does your company generate profit?
toomine.net is a mining company . We have mining farms at UK. We develope our company with our clients investments and share the profit .
What do I need to become an investor of the toomine.net ?
It is too simple . Just enter your payment address and select a plan .
How to receive income without a deposit in the "Faucet" section?
toomine.net gives free satoshies every users without investment .Every hour , you can claim your free satoshies. Faucet gives up to 50 satoshies hourly ( 1200 daily ).
Do I need to register your site ?
There is no registration . You can easily start mining .
Which payment methods can I use ?
You can use bitcoin , payeer or perfect money.
Can I deposit from my balance?
Yes you can deposit from your balance. When you select a plan you will see the "Pay from balance" button .
What is the minimum amount can be invested ?
Minimum deposit is 20.00 or 0.005 .
What is the minimum withdraw amount ?
Minimum withdraw amount is 1.00 or 0.0002 .
Can I create more than one account in your system ?
You can create only one account . If you try to create multiple accounts you will be banned from toomine.net .
Can I have more than one deposit at the same time?
There is no deposit limit . You can deposit multiple times.
How fast deposit and withdrawals at toomine.net ?
Deposits and withdrawals instant at toomine . For bitcoin deposits you should wait 1 confirmation.