Bitcoin Cycle Review: Useful Functions, Security, And Demo Account
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Bitcoin Cycle Review: Useful Functions, Security, And Demo Account

Bitcoin Cycle is an auto crypto trader. It means that this app can earn money for you. You deposit the funds and launch the bot. Also, you can configure it for more profits if you have trading knowledge. The platform also has many other useful functions. Keep on reading to learn about them.

Pros and cons of the Bitcoin Cycle website


  • 24/7 availability
  • Automated processes
  • Affordable trading
  • Positive feedback
  • Variety of banking methods
  • Online customer support


  • Possible trading speculations

How does Bitcoin Cycle work?

The program does its work thanks to the algorithms which were made by the founders of the Bitcoin Cycle software. They can’t be replicated by others, since the system was made using their complicated software engineering skills.

You can trade either by using a demo account or live trade. Demo account means making trades with fake cash. It’s the best option for beginners since they can gain experience risk-free. If you’re an advanced user who got through the paper trading part already, you can begin live trading immediately.

What can Bitcoin Cycle offer?

Now that you know how to begin working with the Bitcoin Cycle platform overall, let’s talk about its functionality. The app gives its users many rare functions that you’re about to learn.

Demo account

The first thing you might notice on the website is the demo account. It’s a great option for newcomers in trading. That’s because a demo account allows trading real tokens with real price graphs, but with fake money. It means that you can gain experience without any risk at hand.

Usually, learning how to trade isn’t just theory. It’s years of experience and looking at real graphs, researching price action. That’s why Bitcoin Cycle is giving you a golden opportunity to gain that knowledge for free. Make sure you don’t miss out on it.

Available cryptocurrencies

You can trade basically almost any cryptocurrency starting with Bitcoin and ending with many altcoins, like Cardano, Monero, or Litecoin.

High-level security

Additionally, the Bitcoin Cycle website is protected by several technologies. They’re SSL socket layer and the verification system. Each one works in its field of protection.

The verification system checks the documents that new users send for identity approval. If it detects the user to be a bot, the account is blocked. However, if it’s a real person, the user can continue with the sign-up. The SSL mechanism encrypts your data to send it to a server for safe storage.

Mobile version

The app also has its own mobile version which you can check out and use. It’s optimized for most devices and runs even better than the computer version. That way you can trade on the go from wherever you are.

Low fees

Bitcoin Cycle isn’t greedy and doesn’t take huge fees. You have to pay 3-4% charges after every trading session and 1-2% on deposits and withdrawals, but those are very low fees.

Payment methods and withdrawal

The deposit can be done using MasterCard, Visa, or Paypal. Withdrawing money is also easy and MasterCard or Visa are the options.

Simple UI

Bitcoin Cycle site is suitable for beginners as well. The reason is that it has a user-friendly interface that anyone can understand. All of the vital information is a few clicks away since all the buttons are in one place.

If you’re still uncomfortable with the look of things after you register, try out a demo account first. It can help you get around the app and maybe you’ll get used to its interface.

User-friendly support

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them from the Bitcoin Cycle support. It works 24/7, so you mustn’t feel shy by asking for help at night-time. Some of your possible questions might be already answered in the FAQ section, so don’t miss out on it.

Moreover, it’s easy to get in touch with it by using a live chat, or email. You can receive a solution to your problem in about 30 minutes which is the approximate answer time.

Possibilities with the Bitcoin Cycle platform

Possibilities with the platform are infinite and depend on how much time you can dedicate to trading. If you research the topic every passing day, income can grow to a few thousand per day.

Nevertheless, even if your goal is to just make pocket money, trading can still work well for you. It’s not only about either being rich or going bankrupt. Stable income can also be achieved.


Bitcoin Cycle is a modern way of making money trading crypto online. It offers a variety of payment options, helpful support, and even several protection methods. Go ahead and try out the app to begin making a stable income immediately!

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